We authenticate your climate disclosure claims
with precision throughout your value chain
Orbex Smart Carbon Protocol© - CBAM Emissions Proof - Green Claims Certs - Carbon Insets/Offsets  
Climate Compliance Instruments  for   
Regulatory Reporting  
California SB 253 & 261 - EU CBAM -  EU CSRD - EU Green Claims Directive - EU CSDDD
Supply chain integrity & brand accountability:
DLT-enabled traceability solutions

Mind the Gap

What are we doing and why is it important?

A quickly approaching "Regulatory Tsunami" has exposed a huge reality Gap in your industry's Green Claims; the voluntary statements from your upstream stakeholders attesting to the recycled content of your end product isn't going to stand up to scrutiny.

How accurate are the Green Claims in your value chain?  

Orbex closes this Gap with cost effective authentication & uniform reporting by all members in your supply chain.

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Why Partner with Orbex ?

Supply Chain Integrity

Assure accuracy for  all stakeholders in your value chain

Brand Accountability

Tangible demonstration of sustainability commitments

Investment Attraction

Alignment with socially responsible investors

Regulatory Compliance

Transparent and reliable data for reporting

Increased Productivity

Efficient sourcing and use of reclaimed materials

Access to New Markets

Access to eco-friendly and socially responsible markets


Despite increasing demand and mounting pressure on businesses to build more sustainable supply chains and 1085 million tons of steel alone being recycled annually, there is no globally-recognized authentication process for secondary metals.


Providing globally recognized Digital Assets & Certificates for Environmental Commodities:
Certificates of Origin (Authenticated)
Carbon Insets & Offsets
Trade Certificates

Our proprietary authentication & traceability solutions enable buyers of recycled materials to have confidence in the integrity of the materials they purchase and the accuracy of their stated circularity goals.

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Bridging the gap for buyers and suppliers

With the assurance of supply chain integrity; buyers and sellers of verified recycled materials can transact with the affirmation of globally recognized standards and the security of a trusted marketplace.

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Orbex empowers industries to drive climate action

Orbex is dedicated to assuring supply chain integrity and brand accountability to support emissions reporting, promote responsible sourcing and help companies transition to a circular economy.

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