An Authenticated Recycled Commodities Certificate for Textiles that attests to to the accuracy of your environmental claims & regulatory compliance is paramount to your enterprise.

It declares your organization's environmental committments & responsibility as the fashion and textile industries are under careful examination.

Incorporating recycled materials reduces waste, carbon emissions, and conserves vital natural resources such as water and energy. By obtaining a certification, one can guarantee that the benefits derived from using recycled content in textiles are genuine and meaningful.

There are strict regulations governing environmental sustainability in manufacturing across various countries and regions. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to fines and other legal issues. Obtaining an Orbex Authentication Certificate ensures compliance with these regulations and avoids such penalties.

Orbex Certifications may be a prerequisite for entering specific markets or taking part in eco-friendly product lines. Moreover, it can be a competitive edge in a market where sustainability is now a crucial factor in consumer decision-making.


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment. An Orbex Authentication Certificate provides assurance to consumers that the products they purchase are truly eco-friendly.

Any consumer can be assured of the validity of your sustainability claims by simply snapping the Orbex QR Code and tracing the material's journey from the primary recyled materials collection point thru the entire value chain.

By building trust through certifications, brands can enhance their reputation and gain customer loyalty.


Orbex Certifications promote supply chain transparency as it involves a streamlined, cost effective audit approach & process.

This, in turn, ensures accountability for the environmental impact of manufacturers & brands; assuring  their operations are more sustainable and contribute to the full transition towards a circular economy.

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