Metals recycling is imperative in the flight against climate change. Recycling of metals conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and decreases the energy needed to produce new metals.

When metals are recycled, they are melted down and reused, reducing the need to extract and refine raw materials, which are energy-intensive processes.

In addition, recycled metals have a lower carbon footprint than new metals because the energy used in the recycling process is significantly less than the energy used in producing new metals.


Orbex’s marketplace and exchange for reclaimed metals serves as a hub that facilitates transactions, providing a transparent, efficient, and accessible platform for dealing with reclaimed metals.

Orbex aims to provide a streamlined, transparent system for the purchase and sale of reclaimed metals, a crucial tool in promoting the recycling of metals and fostering a circular economy.


Partnering with Orbex will help improve the efficiency and profitability of metal recycling, incentivize more partners to participate in the recycling economy, and increase the visibility of reclaimed metals as a valuable resource.

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