About Us

Orbex is a leading registry for Environmental Commodities & developer of Climate compliance solutions.

We solve Climate Compliance & Trade Risk exposures for large enterprise multinationals. Assuring supply chain integrity and brand accountability.


Orbex's mission is to capture & authenticate data, standardize emissions reporting for commodities, and certify the journey.

Orbex Empowers Industries to Drive Climate Action

Orbex enables worldwide traceability and supports ever-growing compliance reporting requirements for CBAM, Green Claims Directive, Supply Chain Due Diligence, California SB 253 & 261, with greater reliability and accuracy.


Our Partners

Oasis Open

In partnership with Oasis Open; Orbex authored the Standardized Emission Reporting Charter for Commodities which was adopted by the ISO/Oasis UBL Technical Committee . 

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SA Recycling

As one of the leading metal recyclers globally; SA is the largest supplier of recovered ferrous , aluminium, and copper in North America.

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E-liability Institute

The E-liability Carbon Accounting method introduces a simple, accurate, and verifiable calculation for the total cradle-to-gate emissions of any product or service.

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Padnos' worldwide partnerships and over 100 years of reclimation expertise enables them to develop new markets for end users within their diverse supply chain.

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Norsk Hydro

Hydro is a leading aluminium and renewable energy company committed to a sustainable future. They have over 33,000 employees in more than 140 locations and 40 countries.

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