Providing globally recognized UBL enabled Climate Compliance Solutions & Environmental Commodities:
ertificates of Origin
CBAM Emission Proofs
Green Claims Certificates
Digital Product Passports
Carbon Insets/Offsets

Orbex solutions assist businesses to make responsible sourcing decisions, enhance their ESG & emissions reporting, and authenticate environmental credentials to stakeholders.

Orbex uses blockchain technology in ERP Native UBL formats to validate attestations, assist in tracking, verifying and securing all data associated with its commodities. We provide a secure, indelible history of the commodities, including environmental attributes, global trade and finance documentations, and all regulatory attestations.

These standards have a tangible impact on an organization’s work towards carbon mitigation goals, supply chain integrity, Greenhouse Gas Protocol regulatory frameworks, as well as international regulatory compliance.

Certificate of Origin

In today's world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are of paramount importance, the need for traceability of recycled materials has become a significant concern. Various stakeholders, including buyers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies, demand that the recycled materials they use are responsibly sourced and authenticated.

To ensure unerring traceability - significant logistical organization, data management, and verification processes are necessary. Orbex stands out in the industry by providing a Certificate of Origin (COO) that exceeds all regulatory requirements and industry standards. Orbex COO's include attestations documenting the value chain journey; from the recycling facility indicating the material origin, certification from a third-party organization that verifies the recycling process, and chain of custody.


Climate Compliance Solutions

To maintain seamless reporting & supply chain efficiency for global trade; it is essential to compartmentalize information related to the traded goods and the parties and counterparties involved in the transaction.

Orbex Climate Compliance Solutions are Universal Business Language (UBL) enabled  which is native to over 95% of ERPs.

Orbex  provides the accurate aggregation of all relevant data and documentation, trade details, and attestations in UBL standard XML formats.

-CBAM Emission Proofs
-Green Claim Certificates
-Digital Product Passports


Carbon Insets & Offsets

Orbex Smart Carbon Protocol© certifies CarbonOffsets/Insets that originate from emmission reductions realized from our partners' own value chain.

Orbex partners focus on thier respective sustianability goals that integrate emmissions reductions directly into business operations. We support, measure, verify, and report carbon reduction initiatives that contribute to our clients' overall carbon reduction strategies other than being additional in the traditional sense used in offset programs.

Carbon Offsets are realized from measurable Carbon Emmission Reduction Activities which were otherwise unacheivable outside the supply chain which resulted from a specific activity.