Providing Globally Recognized Certifications for Environmental Commodities

The Orbex suite of certifications empower businesses to make responsible sourcing decisions, enhance their ESG emissions reporting, and substantiate environmental credentials to stakeholders.

Orbex uses blockchain technology for each certificate to assist in tracking, verifying and securing all data associated with its reclaimed commodities. We provide a secure, tamper-proof history of the commodities, including environmental attributes, global trade and finance documentations, and all regulatory attestations.

These standards have a tangible impact on an organization’s work towards carbon mitigation goals, supply chain integrity, Greenhouse Gas Protocol regulatory frameworks, as well as international regulatory compliance, including Scope 3.

Certificate of Origin

With the increasing importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the traceability of recycled materials has become a significant concern. Buyers, suppliers, and sometimes regulatory bodies want to ensure that reclaimed materials are being responsibly sourced and recycled. Orbex’s certificate of origin robustness meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements and industry standards. Ensuring proper traceability involves significant logistical organization, data management, and verification processes.

Orbex lead's the industry and with a certificate of origin that includes: documentation from the recycling facility stating the material origin, certification from a third-party organization verifying the recycling process, and chain of custody documentation.


Integrity Certificates

Orbex integrity certificates ensure the data has not been altered, destroyed, or compromised in any way during its life cycle. To do this, certain attributes are needed to be checked to certify data integrity, which includes: accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, security, auditability, and finally ownership of data.

Unique to Orbex, our integrity certificates also provide ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) information and Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data. The environmental data associated with the production of a commodity will vary depending on the commodity in question and the specific production processes used, Orbex’s certificates are customized for each commodity category and production process.


Trade Certificates

Global trade requires a variety of data related to the goods being traded, as well as information about the parties involved in the transaction.

Orbex trade certificates combine all trade, finance and attestation data and documentations, including:

Trade finance data required by the financing of the transaction, such as creditworthiness, financing arrangements or collateral, are also incorporated in our certificates. 

Trade attestations and required regulatory documents, such as quality and safety standards, inspection and testing, and custom/tax certificates and documents.